Glucosamine for Dogs: What You Need to Know

Glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs is one of the best dog joint supplements you can give to help improve their bone and joint health, as well as being the cheapest and most commonly available. While severe cases of arthritis or hip dysplasia in dogs (among other joint problems) require proper care and attention from you and your

The Best Joint Supplements for Dogs

Joint supplements for dogs have been used to alleviate joint complications and other symptoms of old age, such as arthritis in dogs. There are also other causes of joint complications, such as hereditary or breed-specific problems, or accidents and trauma. Hence, as a pet owner, you shouldn’t worry about feeding dog joint supplements to keep your

Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain Review

For big dogs, having a outdoor pet water fountain is extremely important – they are out in the garden or yard most of the time and can quickly get hot and thirsty, especially in the summer months. An outdoor dog water fountain ensures your dogs always have clean, fresh drinking water when they need it instead

Pioneer Pet Big Max Ceramic Drinking Fountain Review

When it comes to pet water fountains or drinking bowls, I always recommend stainless steel or ceramic over plastic. In fact, I often prefer ceramic pet fountains over stainless steel for two reasons: they are heavier so they don’t slide around on the floor, and they are easier to clean. Very often, steel drinking bowls

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Pet care has advanced a lot in recent years, in all areas, including dog beds. Some of the biggest and most valuable advantages have come in memory foam. Once considered a luxury only available to richer dog owners, memory foam dog beds have now come down a bunch in price. But what is it that

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain Review (Stainless Steel)

When it comes to pet water fountains or drinking bowls, I always recommend stainless steel or ceramic over plastic. Dirt, gunk, and germs tend to seep into the porous material of plastic drinking bowls and cannot be easily washed off or disinfected. Plastic drinking bowls may possibly contaminate your dog’s drinking water as well, especially

10 Awesome T-shirts for Dog Lovers

T-shirts are one of the best canvases for you to express your individuality, since you wear it on your body for the whole world to see. What better way to show how much you love dogs than a cool t-shirt? Imagine walking your dog or going to the beach while wearing one of these awesome

10 Awesome T-shirts for Dogs

Does your dog have as much personality as you do? How about expressing it via a t-shirt? Just as there are plenty of amazing t-shirt designs for people to showcase their individuality, there are also some really cool dog t-shirts designed for your dog to saunter around in when you both go on walks. Here

Retractable Dog Leash: Funky Prints

I like using retractable dog leashes as they allow me to control how far the dogs can go – especially useful when dog-fearing folks are around. Not only are these retractable dog leashes fashionable, they come with comfortable rubberized grips and different leash lengths.   Ikat print – $21.70 Peacock print – $21.70 Giraffe print – $21.70

4Life Transfer Factor Canine Complete Review

Be it for dog arthritis, sensitive skin, or gum problems, there are supplements for dogs that can help address these issues. But just as with human health supplements, there are plenty of so-called dog supplements that actually do nothing to improve the health of your dog – which is why we’re doing this review. The