10 Awesome T-shirts for Dogs

Does your dog have as much personality as you do? How about expressing it via a t-shirt? Just as there are plenty of amazing t-shirt designs for people to showcase their individuality, there are also some really cool dog t-shirts designed for your dog to saunter around in when you both go on walks. Here we’ve picked out the 10 best designs from all over the web, just as a start.

1. Keep Calm And Cuddle Me

Dog T-shirts: Keep Calm and Cuddle Me

This is a great message for your dog to wear and remind you that no matter what happens, you always have a cuddly companion around that will instantly make you feel better. Get it now on CafePress.

2. Born to be Wild

Dog T-shirts : Born to be Wild

A cool t-shirt for the wild in your hound. Get it now on Amazon.com.

3. I’m Not Fat…Just Fluffy

Dog T-shirts: I'm Not Fat Just Fluffy

This is for all the lovely longhair dogs out there…or those that are just a wee bit on the heavy side. Get it now on Amazon.com.

4. Harley Davidson: Biker Dog

Dog T-shirts: Harley Davidson Biker Dog

This is one of the best dog t-shirts you can possibly get to unleash the biker cool in your dog. Get it now on Amazon.com.

5. The Baby Did It

Dog T-shirts: The Baby Did It

We couldn’t resist including this cute t-shirt in the list! A household with babies and dogs is sure to be full of life, laughter…and messes. Get it now on CafePress.


Dog T-shirts: SECURITY

Whether your dog is a fierce-looking Rottie or an adorable poodle, this official-looking t-shirt will give them an air of authority and tell the world how proud you are of your canine protector. Get it now on Amazon.

7. Blue Bone (Personalized)

Personalized Dog T-shirts: Blue Bone

Give your mutt a personalized t-shirt or hoodie of their own! Get it now on CafePress.

8. UP Collection: The Nautical Look

Dog T-shirts: UP Collection The Nautical Look

We know this is kinda fancy for a t-shirt, but imagine going on a yacht ride with your dog in this – spiffy dapper, all right. Get it now on Amazon.com.

9. Bitches Love Me

Dog T-shirts: Bitches Love Me

You can only watch on in envy as your dog legitimately wears this without being judged. Get it now on Amazon.com.

10. Flower Child

Dog T-shirts: Flower Child

A lovely design for the free-spirited dog and owner. Get it now on Amazon.com.

Looking for t-shirts for yourself to declare your love for dogs? Head on to 10 Awesome T-shirts for Dog Lovers.


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